Transforming Unfinished Attic into a Master SuiteMost of the times attics are fairly large and because of that, people are going to generally use them as storage space. However, if you want to add more living space to your home by remodeling your attic, you could very well turn it into a bathroom or even a bedroom.

Prior to beginning work on the project though, you’ll need to consider a few things.

Carefully Evaluate Available Attic Space Area

Empty unused attic can be transformed into master suiteWhile based on where you live building codes are going to vary quite a bit, it’s very important that minimum 50% of your finished attic is at least seven feet and six inches in height.

On top of that, the area should also be a minimum of seven feet in width and have a total surface of at least seventy square feet. It’s very important that you consider hiring a local builder who is going to come and assess your attic and tell you what type of modifications you can make to ensure it’s brought up to code.

Verify Local Building Code Requirements

A lot of people have attics that are accessed by using a hatch and if that’s the case with yours as well, then you should consider making space for a staircase, but you should also build an emergency egress as well.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that if you want to turn your attic into a bedroom, it needs to have a door that leads to an external staircase or its own egress window. In the majority of areas, remodeling an attic is not that simple and you’ll need to obtain a construction permit from your local building department.

This means the attic needs to be properly inspected in order to ensure it meets all fire safety and building code requirements.

Attic Bathroom Installation Plumbing Advice

If you want to add a bathroom next to the bedroom in the attic, it’s absolutely mandatory that the floors joists are capable of handling the load of the plumbing fixtures. To make sure the piping is properly installed, you’ll need to consider hiring a plumber which might be also required in your jurisdiction.

On top of that, he’s also going to make any necessary changes in order to prevent issues from happening in the future. Keep in mind that positioning the bathroom close to the property’s existing plumbing stack could significantly lower your plumbing expenses.

Built-Ins for Storage

As an alternative to choosing to install separate shelving units or bulky dressers, it’s recommended that your storage is recessed into the knee walls. Closets, but also built in shelves and drawers around the attic’s perimeter are a good idea to consider, since they allow you to use the area in the center for other purposes.

Design Suggestions

Finished attic areaSince this is a project that basically means you’re working with a small amount of space, you should consider decorating it with the purpose of keeping it simple and light.

Check this link for examples of attic remodeling –

Now when it comes to arranging large fixtures and furniture such as bathtubs, desks and beds, you need to arrange them at the exterior edges. On top of that, it’s also going to make the room look larger.

If you want to allow natural light inside the room, you should install mirrors on the walls and consider making use of sheer fabrics on your windows as well. However, if you only have a single window, then you should add a skylight or add another window.