coldfeeton electricheaterHave you ever experienced floor heating system?

Many people who did fall in love with it. Floor heating is actually one of the most efficient heating systems you can get for your house.

Distribution of heat is one thing and there are of course a few variables on the other end of the floor – what’s producing that heat.

There are currently two main types of underfloor heating systems you can consider:

  1. Hydronic floor heating
  2. Electric floor heating

Well, as you may already know, both of them have pros and cons and in order for you to take a decision, you’d need to learn more about each of them.

  1. For those who remodel

electricfloorheatingIf you’re doing a remodeling project, then it’s a much better idea to consider going for an electric radiant floor heating system and that’s because installing one is easier. All you have to do in order to install it is remove the flooring from the room and that’s about it. What happens next is that rolls of electrical heating cables or sheets are going to be installed on top of the subfloor and the floor is then going to be installed on top of them.

If you wish to opt for a hydronic system instead, then you’ll need to be ready for some extensive reconstruction which requires valves, pumps, a boiler and many other plumbing additions.

For a small bathroom, a hydronic system costs between four to eight hundred dollars and they generally have high start-up costs due to the boiler. If you already have a boiler though, this can be a viable heating solution and the cost is generally lower compared to installing an electric heating system.

  1. For new home builders



There are also people who are just beginning to build their own home from the ground up and if that’s the case for you, then installing a hydronic heating system is very much recommended.

Over time, these systems are going to save you a lot of money since they deliver heat at a much lower total cost per square foot. On the other hand, they do take a bit longer to heat up, so make sure you don’t leave it on all the time just because of that.

  1. For lazy ones

After installing the flooring in your house, it’s recommended that you opt for a maintenance free heating system to prevent having to break into the flooring later on. In this case, an electrical floor heating system is the best choice. Even if it may break over time, identifying the point where the cable broke can be done using a thermal camera.

With hydronic piping on the other hand, there’s a much higher chance of failure due to all the mechanical parts involved. So if you have a problem with it, finding the leak and repairing it is going to be a lot more troublesome. Having to remove the entire floor to fix one small issue is certainly not fun.

  1. For green home owners

When they’re turned on for the first time, hydronic heating systems take up to 7h to heat up, while electric heating systems require about 1h. For this very reason, a lot of people will leave their hydronic system turned on continually which wastes a lot of energy over time.

If you want to save good money and avoid having to remove all your flooring if the heating system does indeed experience an issue, then an electrical heating system is a much better choice. On average, with one such system, you can expect to pay about twenty five cents a day for heating a thirty eight square foot bathroom.

This is just one example of an electric floor heating installation, take look:

  1. For tall people

When choosing a floor heating system, most remodelers will be interested in the elevation of your floor. Since they’re very thin, electric floor heating systems are going to raise the floor by about 1″ for tiled floors, about 1/4″ for floating (depending on the floor mat thickness). A hydronic system though can add up to a few inches in floor height. Therefore, if you want to preserve your existing wall trim or tile, but also accessibility, an electrical floor heating system is the recommended choice.

At the end of the day, no matter in which type of floor heating system you’ll plan on investing, you should know that both of these are going to offer you great air quality and consistent warmth under almost any flooring surface.